Tree Surgery

As tree care professionals we pride ourselves on delivering the very best care for our customers and equally to the trees we need to preserve. All of our work is carried out to BS3998 British standard for tree work- recommendations.

Care for our veteran trees can include dead wood removal, tree inspections
and cable bracing to keep the tree and surrounding areas safe.

Tree removal techniques are constantly kept up to date ensuring precision felling is met.


Here are some examples of what you might expect if you had the following procedures applied to your tree.


Here we have completed a crown reduction and crown thin to a Tulip tree Liriodendron tulipfera;

 IMG_1578                                     IMG_1580


Felling & dismantling:

Once the decision has been made that a tree needs to be removed due to ill health or inappropriate positioning, the planning of the operation can begin.

Precision cuts can be made at the base of the tree to process the timber on the ground or in the case of the cedar tree in the photo, we use rigging techniques to lower sections of the tree safely to the ground.



Displaying 20150512_092938.jpg 20150512_150359 20150512_151526

 Hedge maintenance:

Here we are trimming a wonderful yew hedge in Clifton as part of its yearly maintenance

IMG_2278                                                IMG_2279


Construction site; tree retention and clearance:

Having worked for over ten years closely with national construction companies we can help at every stage of your site development.


Stump Grinding:

We offer a stump removal service turning the stumps location into a usable planting space. The stump grinder is used when a stump can not be dug out by hand.



We have over the years planted many trees where possible advocating the replacement of non- native species with native trees to encourage our natural wild life.

Prices can vary due to seasons, species and sizes. Please contact us to discuss your needs.